Tribe Life Ep 3 | Amir

With our #Tribelife series, we are shining the spotlight on our Tribe Collective community and their stories. For our latest feature we caught up with Amir Qawiem, who works as a Finance Associate. When he's not working, he's an avid watch collector and spends a lot of time reading up on the latest innovations in the Horology world. 

Instagram: @amirqawiem

Location: Singapore

Favourite Tribe Colour: Eclipse Black

Favourite Tribe Style: The Primal Tee

What's your favourite music genre?

Definitely heavy metal. My favourite bands are Bleed From Within and Architects!

What self-care rituals do you do to feel your best physically and mentally? 

Cycling, going for runs or listening to up-beat music to get myself psyched.

What do you love about Tribe Collective?

The conscious effort to offset/minimise their carbon footprint while delivering quality products!

What do you want to see from Tribe Collective in the future?
A wider range of products as well as coming up with more innovative ways to further reduce carbon emission.