Ways to Live a more Sustainable Lifestyle

What does it mean to live a more sustainable lifestyle? Contrary to popular belief, going green does not equate to spending more nor does it require a major lifestyle overhaul. We believe that no one is too small to make a change and here's a few ways you can start today. 

  1. Food waste

Good veggies gone bad - We've all been there. Try freezing your vegetables if you can’t eat them right away. Instead of filling up your shopping trolleys to the brink of overbuying, get creative with what ingredients you already have left in the kitchen. Make the most of leftovers too – stock is a good way to make use of uneaten chicken or vegetables. 

   2. Try plant-based food

The processing of animal products – red meat in particular – is one of the worst offenders when it comes to omitting harmful greenhouse gas emissions. Cutting out meat from your diet can be tough but these days, more restaurants are offering plant-based dishes. Try Meatless Mondays. Mondays offer an opportunity to “reset” and studies show people that get back on track at the beginning of the week are better able to maintain progress over time.

  3. Download the susGain App

If you're based in Singapore like us we highly recommend downloading susGain on your phone, a lifestyle sustainability app where you can gain access to Bring your own (BYO) locations, recycling points, water refill stations, clothing swap places, charities to donate to, sustainable stores to purchase from, and more. For every little step that you take towards sustainable living, susGain rewards you with cashback and you automatically support a local charity with each spend. Tribe is one of the sustainable retailers listed on the susGain App as well!

  4. Reuse Shopping Bags

It's always good to bring out cloth bags or reusable shopping bags when out on a grocery run. While shopping, pick products that have less plastic packaging. We don't really need each banana to be wrapped in plastic, right?

  5. Shop Sustainable

While consumers have always had the ability to vote with their feet, or with their wallets, you now have more power to influence not only what you buy, but also what others buy. The fashion industry is one of the most polluting and ditching fast fashion for slow fashion is also a great way to try brands you may not have gone for previously. When you choose to shop at sustainable brands like Tribe, this encourages the industry to adopt sustainability practices as well. 

  6. Drive less and use public transport

Walk or ride a bike to your destination instead of driving if it’s close enough – it’s better for the environment and your health. Using public transport is another good way to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

  7. Reduce Reuse & Recycle

Make sure you’re recycling by putting your rubbish in the correct bins. Also, try to reuse products and items as many times as possible before binning them to reduce waste. Here’s a list of items you would usually throw away but can actually be reused.