wear and tear

Much of the wear and tear that our clothing faces is from over washing. Here are some tips to extend the life of your garments.

- Sunlight is a natural antibacterial agent. Leaving your clothes in the sun for a short time can have them smelling as fresh as new. 

- The tumble dryer consumes a lot of energy while also causing heat damage and shrinkage to your clothes. Use a washing line or clothes horse placed in a sunny spot whenever possible. 

- We always recommend hand washing as your first port of call as it is delicate on fabrics, saves water and energy and doesn’t require as many harsh chemicals as dry cleaning. 


Our Recycled Polyester garments are anti-microbial — perfect for washing less and wearing more. Extending the life cycle of your garments is the best way to reduce waste and pollution in the textiles system.

Every time a polyester garment is washed it releases tiny plastic filaments into the water called microparticles. Special ‘monofilament’ laundry bags catch excess fibers and can save up to 90% of them from entering wastewater! Most things we buy nowadays shed micro-fibers, do your part to protect your ocean by investing in a laundry bag before your next wash.


This is a great way to remove marks without putting your clothes through the stress of a full wash cycle. Soap, water and a clean cloth are all you need. 

Step 1. Dampen the cloth and sponge the soiled area of the garment by dabbing lightly. 

Step 2. Lightly rub the soap over the marked area. Repeat with more soap or water until you see the mark is coming off. Do not over-rub the area to avoid the risk of pilling the fabric. 

Step 3. Gently wipe the area to remove soap residue. Dry immediately with a hairdryer on a low temperature

Tip: the quicker you are to remove the stain after it has happened, the higher your chances are of removing it. 


The biggest risk you face with cotton is shrinkage. Follow our tips below for the best results with your cotton pieces:

- Wash in cold water. Avoid the risk of dye running by always washing with similar colours.

- Cotton can handle a gentle or delicate cold machine wash. To hand wash, pop in a bucket with cold water and some eco-friendly detergent. Swish them around and leave to sit for a few minutes.

- Rinse the garment in cold water and squeeze softly instead of wringing the garment as this can damage the fibres. 

- Hang to dry somewhere out of direct sunlight.