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Bulgarian Power bag

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The Bulgarian power bag is an incredibly functional and versatile tool to strengthen and increase the endurance of your muscles while simultaneously improving coordination and joint mobility.

Made from industrial grade PVC skin and is designed for longevity and a premium finish, the soft exterior provides a personal feel during the workout.

Bulgarian power bags also enable you to move in all three planes of motion during a single exercise movement. The three types of handles with the strong nylon strap enable you to execute different workouts with varying grips.

Incorporating these bags into your workout would is especially useful for the improvement of your speed, power and agility. 

Available in 5 weight sizes. 


  • Brand: Live Pro
  • Package size: 1 Bag
  • Material: PVC and Nylon

*This product is only being shipped to Singapore at the moment. Tribe Collective is working to get this shipped to all of our zones. We apologize for the inconvenience caused*