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Double Grip Medicine Ball

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Said to have been a form of strength and conditioning for the ancient gladiators and Persian wrestling athletes as far back as 1000 BC, Medicine balls are a underrated tool that everyone, beginner to professional, should incorporate in their workout regime.

The double grip medicine ball  provides all of the pros of medicine ball training with the added benefit of using 2 grip handles for easier use and to accommodate a wider variety of exercises 

Features include: 

  • Surface with rough texture for improved gripping action
  • Manufactured in high quality virgin rubber
  • Rebound capability.
  • Interior solid Easy-grip, ergonomic chrome handles

Challenge your core and overall body endurance and watch your athletic prowess grow. 

Available in 5 weight sizes (4-8 kg)


  • Brand: Live Pro
  • Package size: 1 Ball
  • Material: Premium quality virgin rubber

*This product is only being shipped to Singapore at the moment. Tribe Collective is working to get this shipped to all of our zones. We apologize for the inconvenience caused*