Fitness Stepper
Fitness Stepper
Fitness Stepper
Black & Orange Fitness Stepper
Black & Purple Fitness Stepper

Fitness Stepper

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Step cardio or step plyometrics differ from other forms of plyometrics because it involves the use of an elevated platform, or aerobic step.

Designed with a non-stick,non-slip, shock-absorbing surface, the fitness stepper provides a great way to work out in the comfort of your own home.

Ideal for beginners and experts, this stepper is easy to use and enables you to elevate your heart rate more quickly than traditional low-impact plyometrics and aerobics. 

Easily adjust the height of the stepper platform so you can gradually increase the intensity of your workout at a pace to challenge yourself.




Combine the fitness stepper with other fitness tools to further enhance your workouts. 

Available in 2 color options. 

Our Black & Pink Fitness stepper has increased length and width to accommodate wider stances.



  • Brand: Live Up
  • Black & Orange: 68 (L) X 28 (W) X 10 (H) CM
  • Black & Purple: 98 (L) X 36.2 (W) X 15.5(H) CM


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