4 Kg Rubber Kettlebell
Rubber Kettlebell
Rubber Kettlebell

Rubber Kettlebell

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Adding Kettlebells to your workout regime can be deceptively useful. Kettlebell exercises can enhance strength, encourage core stability, improve your posture and challenge your range of motion. Being able to use a single piece of equipment for a workout that will challenge your whole body is pretty handy.  You can use the same Kettlebell for a circuit of the swing, a lunge, a squat, and even a push press. 

Sculpt your physique while improving your strength, power and endurance. 

Kettlebells are staple equipment for anyone wanting to take functional training seriously. 



  • Diamond-pattern Knurling for improved grip
  • Iron handle
  • Rubberized weight to minimize impact on groun

Package size: 1 x Kettlebell 


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