Tribe Pull Up Bar
Tribe Pull Up Bar
Tribe Pull Up Bar

Tribe Pull Up Bar

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The Pullup is one of the most effective compound exercises for strengthening your back, shoulders and biceps. 

If you can't perform the pull up, do them assisted or just getting in the position (hanging from the bar) can increase your strength as you work up to the complete movement


Model Number: Door horizontal bar
Material: Steel
Suitable for door width:: 62 * 100cm

Mounting instructions:
Step 1: Attach the rubber stopper to the door frame with screws.
Step 2: Rotate the bar clockwise until the end of the rod is tight against the door frame.
Warning: Before continuing, check and make sure the bar is secure.


*This product is not being shipped to UAE at the moment. Tribe Collective is working to get this shipped to all of our zones. We apologize for the inconvenience caused*